The Millennials Project

The Millennials Project explores the lifestyles of several individuals who learn to balance their work and social lives all while trying to pursue their passions amidst political, social, and economic scrutiny. Millennials, whose ages range from 18-34 years-old, are known for their technological savviness, go-getter mentality, entrepreneurship, and adventurous spirit. But just like any generation of people, we are constantly under pressure from our peers and the generations before us. Through talking to these individuals about their paths in pursuing their various goals I want viewers to understand what it is to be a millennial living in NYC.


Ayanna ft. Brainwash Media

Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Brainwash Media, Ayanna McNeil, talks about her journey as a writer, the inspiration behind creating her digital platform, support from her parents, working with friends, and dating in NYC.


Kai Roy’al

Rapper, Kai Roy’al discusses his journey as a Hip Hop artist, coming from a musical background, how Millennials have influenced the world around themselves, dating in NYC, and where he sees himself in the future.