The Millennials Project

The Millennials Project explores the lifestyles of individuals who learn to balance their work and social lives while pursuing their passions amidst political and social scrutiny. Millennials, whose ages range from 18-34 years-old, are known for their technological savviness, go-getter mentality, entrepreneurship, and adventurous spirit. But just like any generation of people, we are constantly under pressure from our peers and the generations before us. Through talking to these individuals about their paths in achieving various goals I want viewers to understand what it is to be a millennial living in NYC. 



Artist and painter, Kamilah AKA Kwh1t3, gives insight as to who she is as a creator. She talks about her visual art & music, her thoughts on being a millennial living in NYC, family life, and even talks about her journey through celibacy!


Shavonne Taisha

Founder of the Black girl collective, MLNNNYC, discusses what it is to be a millennial & the roles we play in society, her journey through therapy, dating in New York City, and drops some gems about living up to your potential!