The Color Series 2

The Color Series Project explores how different hues and values of colors evoke various emotions. Colors play a vital role in society and the ways in which people express themselves as individuals. “Every color has meaning that we either inherently sense, or have learned about by association and/or conditioning, which enables us to recognize the messages and meanings delivered.”

Hot Pink: Does hot pink excite you? Hot pink gives us playfulness, but makes a bold statement. Hot pink is psychologically a powerful hue of pink. Just like red, it excites us, but in a warm manner. The ladies provide us with funky variations of what colors can compare and contrast with this eye-catching hue.

Tan: We all know that brown represents nature and warmth. It is often associated with the earth. I often think of the color brown as subtle, but strong. I think of fresh coffee beans and cocoa skin. . All of the ladies are displaying their softer sides. The tan hue of brown complements the models’ skin tones in a variety of ways.

Indigo: This color is magical. It takes awareness to a higher level of thought. Indigo is associated with power, nobility, and luxury, as well as, wisdom, mystery, and magic. The ladies are able to stimulate us with their color contrasts and complements.